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Development strategy of powder metallurgy auto parts in China

Development strategy of powder metallurgy auto parts in China

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2019/11/20 19:38
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With the deepening of the globalization strategy, more and more multinational component companies have moved their manufacturing bases to China at a rapid speed, and many companies have established R & D centers in China or regarded China as the world's most One of the important markets.
Some people say that at the 11th Shanghai International Automobile Exhibition, some people in the industry are not concerned about the scale of the participating companies or the level of the participating products, but the next step in the Chinese strategy of multinational companies.
This is not an exaggeration. It can be said that every major automobile exhibition is like a military parade. Multinational companies, while displaying products and technologies, also intentionally or unintentionally reveal their future development strategies. As the globalization trend is obvious, the strategies adopted by multinational component companies in China often determine the next development and even the future destiny of many domestic component companies. Studying the Chinese strategy of multinational companies is also studying the development prospects of local companies.
Impetuous wind shrouded the domestic auto industry
So, does the aggressive momentum of multinational companies cause domestic component companies to wake up? How many companies have taken practical and effective countermeasures while realizing the threat? After development in recent years, how many component companies can now compete with multinational companies? When I learned about these issues from many experts and chief executives, most of what I got was shaking my head and sighing. Obviously, researching other people's strategies alone cannot replace their own development after all. In the face of the strong competitiveness of multinational corporations, domestic companies cannot formulate their own development strategies based on specific conditions, or see only a small amount of immediate benefits, without a long-term strategic vision, the result can only be held back and weak The response was eventually eliminated by multinational companies.
 "The Chinese automobile industry is neither large nor strong, and it is still in the stage of replacing imports under certain protective conditions. Many issues related to the life and death of the automobile industry have not yet been solved. The impetuous mood hinders the healthy growth of the automobile industry." Shao Qihui, former deputy director of the National Machinery Bureau, spoke seriously about the impetuous wind that enveloped the domestic automobile industry.
In recent years, the rapid development of the domestic automobile market has made some people unclear about the future direction, which has led to impatience and exaggeration, and has even spread among parts companies.
Under the influence of this impetuous mentality, many companies are not down-to-earth enterprises and markets, not to strengthen research and development capabilities and cultivate talents, but to rush to achieve quick results, in order to get a little immediate market benefits, hesitate to take short-term actions. So much so that some people asserted bluntly that most of the local component companies did not have a systematic development strategy, but only went one step at a time until they reached the absolute road.
As a result, the following phenomena are commonplace among component companies: Either they coax the hot market products regardless of economic laws and their own conditions; or they can easily let the foreign party control the joint venture in order to introduce technology for the time being; or The purpose of "market for technology" is to actively give up valuable market resources and human resources. After years of accumulation and development, some state-owned enterprises have strong technical and human resources, and are among the best in the industry. However, when cooperating with foreign companies, they would rather transfer all the personnel in the entire technology center, so that they would have to recruit new troops for the parts without joint ventures.
Multinational giants are pressing harder and harder
When some domestic component companies are doing these things without vision, the multinational companies have not let up. They took the opportunity to speed up the development in China, and they were exhausted to recruit talents and gain market.
At the Shanghai Auto Show, Delphi, which has not appeared at the auto show for several years, suddenly organized a powerful exhibition group to appear. In this regard, the Delphi China official explained that the lack of publicity in recent years does not mean that the company has died down. In fact, they have been quietly recruiting talents in order to prepare for the establishment of a short-term research and development center. And this time to participate in the auto show is also to let more people know the Delphi brand, so they are willing to join the company.
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