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Address: No. 126 Zhutang Road, Jiangyang Industrial Park, Hanjiang District, Yangzhou




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Global manufacturing shifts to China

Global manufacturing shifts to China

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2019/11/20 19:41
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The global manufacturing industry is accelerating its transfer to China. The rapid development of the automotive industry, machinery manufacturing, metal industry, aerospace, instruments, hardware tools, construction machinery, electronic appliances and high-tech industries has brought rare powder metallurgy industry Development opportunities and huge market space. In addition, the powder metallurgy industry has been listed by China as a priority development and encouraging foreign investment project, which has broad prospects for development.
At present, powder metallurgy has been recognized by the industry as a green and sustainable manufacturing technology. For example, in terms of continuous function, powder metallurgy has a high final forming capacity and material utilization rate, which can minimize the total energy consumption. Compared with the traditional process (hot processing + cold processing) of casting or forging + cutting, powder metallurgy requires only a few steps to manufacture the same part, that is, it can complete more and more complicated processes.
The powder injection molding process and the plastic injection molding process are consistent in principle, and the equipment conditions are basically the same. In the injection molding process, the mixture is heated into a plastic material with rheological properties in the barrel of an injection machine, and injected into a mold under an appropriate injection pressure to form a blank. The blank of injection molding should be uniform in microcosmic, so that the product shrinks uniformly during sintering.
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